Dog Boarding

All of our kennels are climate controlled for your pet’s comfort. Each kennel has its own doggy door and covered outdoor run. Staff will open doggy doors three to five times per day, depending on weather.

In addition to this the staff at Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming will take each dog out of their kennels for individual exercise time two to three times per day. Each dog gets thirty to sixty minutes per day in one of our five large fenced exercise yards, weather permitting. Please note that exercise time is strictly done individually for safety reasons – we do not mix dogs for socialization while at the kennel.

Our boarding rates are as follows:

Standard Kennel(for dogs up to Labs/Golden Retriever sized or multiple small/medium dogs):

1 Dog: $32/day plus HST
2 Dogs: $43/day plus HST
3 Dogs: $54/day plus HST

Premium Kennel(double the size for extra large breeds or multiple large breeds – i.e. Great Danes, St. Bernards, etc):

1 Dog: $42/day plus HST
2 Dogs: $53/day plus HST
3 Dogs: $64/day plus HST

*Dogs sharing a kennel must be able to be fed together and get along.


Baxter Boretski

Looking for dog boarding in Windsor, Ontario? Look no further than Pleasant Park Kennels – Windsor/Essex County’s Premier Pet Resort

Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming provides each dog with a raised bed and bedding, as well as bowls and continuous fresh water. We recommend bringing your dog’s regular food from home while boarding in order to avoid stomach upset, but we can provide food at a small cost if you are unable to bring your own. Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming supplies all natural Canadian made Riplees Ranch original Holistic Chicken blend at a cost of $1.00 per cup – please note that if your dog requires a specific food for dietary reasons you will need to bring your food from home.

If your dog requires medications or supplements, one of our friendly kennel attendants will be available during our regular business hours to administer. If there is specific medication outside of business hours there will be a $5 administration fee. We can happily give your dog pills and/or liquid medications but are not able to administer injections of any kind. Please note that while we will do our best to ensure that your dog receives medication we may not be able to force dogs that are aggressive or try to bite. If your dog requires medication for a life-threatening illness we will probably suggest that you speak to your vet before boarding.

Have more than one dog?

Up to three dogs may share one kennel for a reduced rate, provided they are able to eat together without supervision and can fit comfortably in a standard sized kennel. We strongly recommend that dogs who are sharing a kennel be on the same food and treats, and suggest booking two kennels if one of your pet requires medications. If your dogs sharing a kennel are eating different food Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming cannot guarantee that the correct dogs will eat the correct food. Staff cannot separate dogs for feeding, or stand and supervise feeding, so if you are concerned about one of your dogs not sharing you will need to book two kennels. If at any time during boarding dogs who are sharing a kennel become aggressive to each other they will be split up and you will be required to pay for separate kennels from that date on.

All of the dog boarding services are provided at no extra cost – there are no extra fees for exercise, bedding, bowls or administering medications.

Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming provides bedding and blankets at no extra cost. If you prefer to bring a blanket from home it must have your dog’s name permanently labeled on it, as all bedding is washed periodically. Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming will not allow large stuffed beds or pillows in the kennels, as we are not able to easily wash these if they become soiled or spilled on. We also cannot allow crates in the kennels for safety reasons. Toys from home are welcome, provided they are permanently labeled. Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming is not responsible for lost or damaged toys or bedding. If your pet is found to be eating bedding, blankets or toys they will be removed for safety reasons.

Mika Damm


Pleasant Park Kennels and Grooming reserves the right to refuse service to any dog whose vaccines are expired, has had vaccines administered in the 7 days prior to visiting the kennel, appears visibly ill, or who we feel is unfit for boarding due to age, temperament, illness or injury.

For fees and vaccine requirements please see Fees & Requirements.