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Rest Assured – No Dogs on the Loose!

23 Sep, 2013

Rest Assured – No Dogs on the Loose!

Over the last few weeks we have received several concerned phone calls regarding dogs loose on Manning Road, and around the kennel.

We just want to clear the air and reassure our customers that all of our dogs are kept under a watchful eye at all times. It has always been our policy that while your pets are staying with us that they are in a safe and secured environment. These furry friends that you may be seeing belong to some of our neighbours living around our facility.

Sometimes dogs get loose and ‘visit’ the kennel and are sometimes loose on the property. We apologize for the worry caused and we are trying to rectify the situation. Thank you for your concern!

If you do see loose dogs in the area we encourage you to call Animal Control at (519) 562 – 1730 so that the dogs may be picked up before becoming lost or injured in traffic.